Seção atua na área de vigilância epidemiológica desenvolvendo pesquisa e trabalhos ligados a área de pesquisas biomédicas.



  • Compensatory hippocampal neurogenesis in the absence of cognitive impairment following experimental hippocampectomy in adult rats 

    Cardoso, Giuliana T. M; Leal, Walace Gomes; Franco, Edna Cristina Santos; Pereira Junior, Antonio; Gomes, Francinaldo L; Brino, Ana Leda F; Lima, Silene M. A (Frontiers Media, 2021)
    Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is the commonest type of focal epilepsy in adult humans, and hippocampal sclerosis (HS) is the main pathological finding in this type of epilepsy. In refractory TLE, patients are indicated for ...
  • Acute and delayed biochemical, hematological, and neuromuscular responses to the Rest-pause resistance training method 

    Azevedo, Antenor Barbosa Calandrini de; Penna, Eduardo Macedo; Costa, Andrea Silvestre Lobão; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Franco, Edna Cristina Santos; Coswig, Victor S (Taylor & Francis, 2021)
    Objective: This investigation aimed to compare acute and delayed biochemical, hematological, and neuromuscular responses to the Rest-pause (RP) method and traditional resistance training (TRT) through 48 h. Methods: This ...
  • Increased relative delta bandpower and delta indices revealed by continuous qEEG monitoring in a rat model of ischemia-reperfusion 

    Ferreira, Luan Oliveira; Mattos, Bruna Gerrits; Mello, Vanessa Jóia de; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Costa, Edmar Tavares da; Yamada, Elizabeth Sumi; Hamoy, Moisés; Lopes, Dielly Catrina Favacho (Frontiers Media, 2021)
    The present study describes the electroencephalographic changes that occur during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in animals submitted to transient focal cerebral ischemia by middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) for ...
  • Histopathological lesions of congenital Zika syndrome in newborn squirrel monkeys 

    Alcantara, Bianca Nascimento de; Imbeloni, Aline Amaral; Durans, Darlene de Brito Simith; Araújo, Marialva Tereza Ferreira de; Cruz, Ermelinda do Rosário Moutinho da; Carvalho, Carlos Alberto Marques de; Mendonça, Maria Helena Rodrigues de; Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Moraes, Adriana Freitas; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Lima, Maria de Lourdes Gomes; Amador Neto, Orlando Pereira; Chiang, Jannifer Oliveira; Scalercio, Sarah Raphaella Rocha de Azevedo; Carneiro, Liliane Almeida; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa; Medeiros, Daniele Barbosa de Almeida (Nature Research, 2021)
    The absence of an adequate animal model for studies has limited the understanding of congenital Zika syndrome (CZS) in humans during the outbreak in America. In this study, we used squirrel monkeys (Saimiri collinsi), a ...
  • Prenatal disorders and congenital Zika syndrome in squirrel monkeys 

    Imbeloni, Aline Amaral; Alcantara, Bianca Nascimento de; Coutinho, Leandro Nassar; Scalercio, Sarah Raphaella Rocha de Azevedo; Carneiro, Liliane Almeida; Oliveira, Karol Guimarães; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Durans, Darlene de Brito Simith; Silva, Wellington Bandeira da; Nunes, Bruno Tardelli Diniz; Casseb, Livia Medeiros Neves; Chiang, Jannifer Oliveira; Carvalho, Carlos Alberto Marques de; Machado, Mariana Borges; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões; Medeiros, Daniele Barbosa de Almeida; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa (Nature Research, 2021)
    During the Zika virus (ZIKV) outbreak in Brazil (2015–2016), the clinical manifestations associated with its infection were complex and included miscarriage and congenital malformations, not previously described. In this ...
  • The innate immune response in Zika virus infection 

    Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Azevedo, Raimunda do Socorro da Silva; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa (Wiley, 2020)
    Zika virus (ZIKV; Flaviviridae, Flavivirus) was discovered in 1947 in Uganda, Africa, from the serum of a sentinel Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta). It is an enveloped, positive‐sense, single‐stranded RNA virus, which encodes ...
  • The complexity of respiratory disease associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection: from immunopathogenesis to respiratory therapy 

    Falcão, Luiz Fábio Magno; Pontes, Lucieny da Silva; Silva, Bruno Giovanni Afonso da; Franco, Karen Margarete Vieira da Silva; Costa, Luiz Adriano Araujo da; Rocha, Rodrigo Santiago Barbosa; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (Wiley, 2020)
    Covid-19, a disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection, may present with polymorphic symptomatology and subclinical, neurological, gastrointestinal, dermatological, renal and ...
  • Meanings and senses of being a health professional with tuberculosis: an interpretative phenomenological study 

    Santos, Marcandra Nogueira Almeida; Sá, Antonia Margareth Moita; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (BMJ Publishing Group, 2020)
    OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to analyse and understand meanings and senses of living with tuberculosis for health professionals. METHOD/DESIGN: This is an interpretative phenomenological study conducted from in-depth ...
  • HTLV-I induces lesions in the pulmonary system: a systematic review 

    Normando, Valéria Marques Ferreira; Dias, Ápio Ricardo Nazareth; Silva, André Luiz Saldanha Eremita da; Pinto, Denise da Silva; Santos, Marcio Clementino de Souza; Rodrigues, Caroline Lobato; Oliveira, Ediléa Monteiro de; Souza Filho, Luiz Euclides Coelho de; Vieira, Waldônio de Brito; Andriolo, Regis Bruni; Sousa, Rita Catarina Medeiros; Falcão, Luiz Fábio Magno; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (Elsevier, 2020)
    This study analyzed the relationship between infection by human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) and changes in the pulmonary system. Cohort and case-control study models that analyzed a causal association between ...
  • A protocol of hepatic volume measurement using magnetic resonance imaging in individuals from the Eastern Brazilian Amazon population 

    Oliveira, Robson Tadachi Moraes de; Dias, Apio Ricardo Nazareth; Vieira, Waldônio Brito; Falcão, Aline Semblano Carreira; Falcão, Luiz Fábio Magno; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (Public Library of Science, 2020)
    Determination of hepatic volume is an important preoperative procedure and is done through imaging exams or standard liver volume (SLV) formulas developed based on the biotype of each population. In the absence of a ...
  • Instituto Evandro Chagas: ciência e tecnologia a serviço da vigilância em saúde pública 

    Primo, Mara Barroso; Jocundo, Susana M. Y; Souza, Cintya de Oliveira; Cavalcante, Gilmara Abreu da Silva; Nunes, Heloisa Marceliano; Carneiro, Bruno Santana; Morais, Rafaela dos Anjos Pinheiro Bogoevich; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Linhares, Alexandre da Costa; Ramos, Francisco Lúzio de Paula; Guimarães, Ricardo José de Paula Souza e; Picanço Junior, José Antonio Diniz; Mascarenhas, Joana D’Arc Pereira; Soares, Daniela Cristina; Vieira, Lorena Drumond Loureiro; Matos, Luanna Ematne de; Lima, Marcelo de Oliveira; Silvestre, Rodrigo Vellasco Duarte; Bastos, Fábio Augusto da Silva; Souza, Kelvin Santos de; Sagica, Fernanda do Espirito Santo; Martins, Livia Carício; Carneiro, Liliane Almeida; Viana, Giselle Maria Rachid (MS/ Secretaria de Vigilância Em Saúde, 2019)
  • Functional aspects, phenotypic heterogeneity, and tissue immune response of macrophages in infectious diseases 

    Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (Dove Medical Press, 2019)
    Macrophages are a functionally heterogeneous group of cells with specialized functions depending not only on their subgroup but also on the function of the organ or tissue in which the cells are located. The concept of ...
  • Organization of the skin immune system and compartmentalized immune responses in infectious diseases 

    Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (American Society for Microbiology, 2019)
    The skin is an organ harboring several types of immune cells that participate in innate and adaptive immune responses. The immune system of the skin comprises both skin cells and professional immune cells that together ...
  • Doppler ultrasonography: a non-invasive method used to diagnose and follow up patients with chronic hepatitis C 

    Franco, Karen Margarete Vieira da Silva; Vieira, Waldonio Brito; Dias, Apio Ricardo Nazareth; Falcão, Aline Semblano Carreira; Falcão, Luiz Fábio Magno; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões (Wiley, 2020)
    Background and Aim: This study aimed to investigate the association between the findings of Doppler ultrasonography and transient elastography using FibroScan and to determine the cut-off points, sensitivity, and specificity ...
  • Experimental infection of golden hamsters with Guama virus (Peribunyaviridae, Orthobunyavirus) 

    Matos, Gabriel Costa; Ferreira, Milene Silveira; Martins Filho, Arnaldo Jorge; Amador Neto, Orlando Pereira; Campos, Valter Miranda; Lima, Maria de Lourdes Gomes de; Rodrigues, Jéssica Cecília Pinheiro; Ribeiro, Ana Claudia da Silva; Freitas, Maria de Nazaré Oliveira; Silva, Franko de Arruda e; Chiang, Jannifer Oliveira; Casseb, Livia Medeiros Neves; Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Quaresma, Juarez Antônio Simões; Martins, Lívia Carício; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa; Carvalho, Valéria Lima (Elsevier, 2019)
    The Guama virus (GMAV) is a member of Peribunyaviridae family, Orthobunyavirus genus. Several strains of the virus were isolated in South and Central Americas from several hosts, such as humans, wild animals, including nonhuman ...
  • Oncocercose 

    Moraes, Mário A. P; Fraiha Neto, Habib (Instituto do Desenvolvimento Econômico Social do Pará, 1976)
  • Surto de Febre Amarela em bugios 

    Sallis, Eliza Simone Viégas; Garmatz, Shana Letícia; Fighera, Rafael Almeida; Barros, Vera Lúcia Reis Souza de; Graça, Dominguita Luhers (Arquivos da Faculdade de Veterinária UFRGS, 2003)
    A febre amarela é uma infecção aguda causada por um Flavivirus (VFA) transmitido por mosquitos, endemica nas regiões tropicais da América do Sul. O objetivo desta nota prévia é relatar a ocorrência de um surto da doença ...
  • Yellow fever virus modulates cytokine mRNA expression and induces activation of caspase 3/7 in the human hepatocarcinoma cell line HepG2 

    Holanda, Gustavo Moraes; Casseb, Samir Mansour Moraes; Quaresma, Juarez Antonio Simões; Vasconcelos, Pedro Fernando da Costa; Cruz, Ana Cecília Ribeiro (Springer Verlag, 2019)
    Yellow fever virus (YFV) penetrates the skin through the bite of a vector mosquito and spreads to various organs, mainly the liver, where it causes lesions and induces necrosis and apoptosis. We evaluated the mRNA expression ...
  • Endoplasmic reticulum stress markers and their possible implications in leprosy's pathogenesis 

    Hirai, Kelly Emi; Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Silva, Luciana Mota; Dias Junior, Leônidas Braga; Furlaneto, Ismari Perini; Carneiro, Francisca Regina Oliveira; Aarão, Tinara Leila de Souza; Sotto, Mirian Nacagami; Quaresma, Juarez Antonio Simões (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2018)
    Mycobacterium leprae causes leprosy, a dermatoneurological disease which affects the skin and peripheral nerves. One of several cellular structures affected during M. leprae infection is the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). ...
  • Immunohistochemical characterization of the M4 macrophage population in leprosy skin lesions 

    Sousa, Jorge Rodrigues de; Lucena Neto, Francisco Dias; Sotto, Mirian Nacagami; Quaresma, Juarez Antonio Simões (BMC, 2018)
    Background: Since macrophages are one of the major cell types involved in the Mycobacterium leprae immune response, roles of the M1 and M2 macrophage subpopulations have been well defined. However, the role of M4 macrophages ...

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