• Characterization of novel intragenotype recombination events among norovirus pandemic GII.4 variants 

      Siqueira, Jones Anderson Monteiro; Bandeira, Renato da Silva; Justino, Maria Cleonice Aguiar; Linhares, Alexandre da Costa; Gabbay, Yvone Benchimol (Elsevier, 2016)
      Recently, there has been an increase in the number of children hospitalized due to norovirus infection in Brazil. This is due both to the occurrence of more severe norovirus-related gastroenteritis cases after the introduction ...
    • Detection of a novel equine-like G3 rotavirus associated with acute gastroenteritis in Brazil 

      Guerra, Sylvia Fátima Santos; Soares, Luana Silva; Lobo, Patricia Santos; Penha Junior, Edvaldo Tavares; Sousa Junior, Edivaldo Costa; Bezerra, Delana Andreza Melo; Vaz, Lívia Rodrigues; Linhares, Alexandre da Costa; Mascarenhas, Joana D'Arc Pereira (Microbiology Society, 2016)
      Genotype G3P[8] of rotavirus A (RVA) is detected worldwide, usually associated with Wa-like constellation and exhibiting a long RNA migration pattern. More recently, a novel inter-genogroup, G3P[8] reassortant variant with ...
    • Detection of the VP6 gene of group F and G rotaviruses in broiler chicken fecal samples from the Amazon region of Brazil 

      Mascarenhas, Joana D'Arc Pereira; Bezerra, Delana A. M; Silva, René R; Silva, Mayara J. M; Sousa Junior, Edivaldo Costa; Soares, Luana Souza (Springer Verlag, 2016)
      The aim of this study was to detect rotavirus F (RVF) and rotavirus G (RVG) in fecal specimens of broiler chickens in Brazil. During 2008 and 2011, a total of 85 fecal samples were collected. The viral genome was extracted, ...
    • Novo agente de doença exantemática na Amazônia: o parvorírus B19 

      Freitas, Ronaldo Barros de; Linhares, Alexandre da Costa; Miranda, Mario F. R. de; Gabbay, Yvone Benchimol (Ministério da Saúde. Fundação Serviços de Saúde Pública, 1988)
    • Outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Young children with death due to rotavirus genotype G9 in Rio Branco, Brazilian Amazon region, 2005 

      Siqueira, Alessandra A; Santelli, A. C. F. S; Alencar Jr, L. R; Dantas, M. P; Dimech, C. P. N; Carmo, G. M. I; Santos, D. A; Alves, R. M. S; Lucena, M. B. F; Morais, M; Assis, R. M. S; Fialho, A; Mascarenhas, Joana D'Arc Pereira; Costa, M; Linhares, Alexandre da Costa; Leite, José Paulo Gagliardi; Araújo, Wildo Navegantes de; Hatch, D. L (Elsevier, 2010)
      An epidemic of acute gastroenteritis occurred in Rio Branco City, Acre State, in Brazil's Amazon region in 2005. An investigation was conducted to confirm the etiology and identify possible risk factors for death. Methods: ...
    • Persistence of rabies virus-neutralizing antibodies after vaccination of rural population following vampire bat rabies outbreak in Brazil 

      Sousa, Rita Catarina Medeiros; Jusot, Viviane; Houillon, Guy; Rasuli, Anvar; Martorelli, Luzia; Kataoka, Ana Paula; Mechlia, Mohamed Ben; Le Guern, Anne-Sophie; Rodrigues, Liliam; Assef, Rhomero; Maestri, Alvino; Lima, Reynaldo; Rotivel, Yolande; Bosch-Castells, Valerie; Tordo, Noël (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Animal control measures in Latin America have decreased the incidence of urban human rabies transmitted by dogs and cats; currently most cases of human rabies are transmitted by bats. In 2004-2005, rabies outbreaks in ...